A must read Book

C++ Programming Style,
Tom Cargill
CS H 291
Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series

The Java Tutorial Fourth Edition
A Short course on the basics
The Java Series
Sharon Zakhour, Scott Hommel , et al
CS J 559
Sun Microsystems

Applied Numerical Methods in C
Shoichiro Nakamura
CS H 297
Prentice-Hall International Editions

Web Content Management mit PHP 5 und MySQL 5 (Deutsch)
CS J 503
Michael Schröer
Galileo Computing, 2006

Topics :
1. PHP & MySQL for e-commerce : creating website for shopping
2. Java Introduction
3. (Applied) Numerical Method with C or C++ or Java or Fortran
4. How to build a ready-installed program, starting from zero
5. How to make online dictionary and online database system


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